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Origins and Interests

A little goes a long way if you believe in yourself.

Legally, I am known as Jordan Takumi Davis, but I prefer Takumi Jordan Davis. Apparently, American hospitals can get your names mixed up when you are born. If you forget it, just TALK TO ME, or "taco meat."

Conceived in Japan, born in Akron, Ohio, and raised in Cleveland, I cannot say that I belong to one place. My spiritual home of Hiroshima (yes, the one struck by nuclear force in 1945) is distant from me, yet such a pivotal part of my identity. On the other hand, I am most proficient with English (followed by Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian). Regardless of my background, I remain open to learning from as many people and cultures as possible through experience and (a little campy) friendships.

As an architecture student, I study the field at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, I have explored not only architecture, but also my interests in languages, art, design, social activities, and...just having fun along the way! In fact, my greatest interest, LEGO, is what first provoked my interest in architecture, doing so by linking my constructive and design sensibilities to a potential role in society. To expand on this role, I enjoy meeting new people and a great diversity of people (hence why I did not stay in northeast Ohio for school). Additionally, my interests include animation (specifically stop-motion and Japanese animation), reading and literary canon, model making (LEGO and Gundam included), photography, film, playing the guitar (I still have a long way to go), multilingual studies (I am a polyglot), cars, traveling, international studies, and global cultures.

Ultimately, my motto is 忍耐 (nin-tai), the Japanese term for "perseverance." I believe that everybody possesses it to varying degrees. Since the beginning of high school, I have held onto the belief that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Simply put, 忍耐 refers to never giving up in light of any obstacles. It is how I succeeded in entering Carnegie Mellon University, and it is how I will continue towards licensure in residential architecture!

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